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The SLP Toolbox


Finding the balance between high quality patient care, productivity, and professional development can seem like an overwhelming task at times. Please make use of Overland Speech and Swallowing resources, keeping in mind that they are meant to help start or support conversations and do not provide every detail. Submit any specific requests via our “Contact” form..


Patient Handouts

Use this handout to provide family/patient friendly education to those newly diagnosed with dysphagia.

Use this handout to facilitate discussions on risks vs. benefits of thickened liquid use

Clinician Tools/Handouts

The Oral Health Assessment Tool (OHAT) is a modification of the Brief Oral Health Status Examination (BOHSE). Use this screening tool which covers the patient's current oral health status, including factors which can contribute to the risk of oral disease and indicate the need for referral. Extremely user friendly, taking approximately 10 minutes to administer.

Use this tool as a reference for determining a patient’s “risk” for aspiration pneumonia. Available in color or “easy print” download. Be sure to check out all the references on page 3.

Worthwhile Reads

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