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The Business Facts

But what about the cost?

Demonstration of skill, medical necessity, and objective measures is of the utmost importance to a Medicare Reviewer.

(Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 2014)

Objective baseline measures determine the viability of goals and establish means of tracking future progress

(ASHA, 2011)

Limiting readmission risk

The future for the SNF includes the responsibility to reduce readmissions with analysis of the patients with secondary diagnosis of Pneumonia with primary diagnosis of either sepsis or respiratory failure.

(modernhealthcare.com/article//20150731/NEWS/150729894, January, 2016)

 SNFs must understand what qualifies and develop a plan for reducing the potential for readmissions.


A significant proportion of acute readmissions are due to unaddressed medical issues at discharge to the SNF.

(Godoy et al., 2015)

Under the Protecting Access to Medicare Act (2014), SNF’s will have Medicare reimbursement linked to their own readmission rates.